Rack Oven C202

Rack Oven C-Series (Gas)

1. Effective heat exchange
The heat exchange in the oil and gas ovens follows the
countercurrent exchange principle. The air inside the
oven that passes the heat exchanger initially meets the
coolest smoke gasses, gradually warming up from the
increasingly hotter gasses. The result is high efficiency
and low heating costs.

2. Smart control panel
User-friendly dust and moisture-resistant panel which
allows a good overview of the entire baking process. With
its intelligent energy-saving functions and the option to
check the costs per bake, the panel provides complete
control over finances. The option to easily save and
retrieve recipes, and program the oven start time, all allow
for increased efficiency.

3. Integrated, programable, high-capacity steam system
Settings for how much steam is released and when it
should be turned on and off. Gives a smooth, crisp crust
and for some breads a significantly increased volume.

4. Sturdy rock wool insulation
The heat is retained inside the oven thanks to its thick wall
insulation, air gap and roof insulation, leading to a better
working environment.

5. Ergonomic handle
Robust and ergonomic handle that clearly shows when
the door is open or closed.

6. Magnetic utility holder
Tool holder with pocket and powerful magnet, to store items such as gloves, knives and paperwork.

7. Increased Baking Surface (IBS)
Our own patented system for alternate rack rotation inside
the oven. The IBS system provides faster, more even and
more energy-efficient baking.

8. Heating package integrated into the top section
Requires little floor space.

9. Made of strong stainless steel
Easy to keep clean. Extends the oven’s life.

10. Suspension hook for rack trolley
Facilitates loading and unloading of rack trolley. Easier to
keep the oven chamber clean.

Maximum baking temperature

300° C

Maximum tray size

600 x 800 mm

Maximum rack size

1050 mm

Maximum rack height

1585 mm

Maximum rack height, hook

1640 mm

Power (electric)*

2.0 kW

Power (heat)

55 kW

Average consumption**

33 kW/h

Weight, oven with hook

1070 kg

Weight, oven with platform

1130 kg

Door Swing Radius

970 mm


1450 x 2379 x 1353 mm

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