Cake Slicer CT 808

  • Both CT 808 / 808T / 808E work on flat sponge cake and round birthday cake. Sponge cake size less than 400 x 600 mm, birthday cake size less than 14” and height less than 100 mm.
  • CT 808 cuts into square and rectangular cake, and CT 808T.
  • CT 808E cuts into square, rectangular and triangular with dimension and quantity set in PLC control.
  • With customized PLC control by Siemens. Chinese and English languages are available.
  • Food grade blade allows heating and speed adjustable. All cakes are cut neatly with less crumb.
  • Crumb is well collected by designed crumb box.
  • Machine outside body is stainless steel and fixed with safety cover, meeting safety and sanitary request.
  • Standard machine provides one piece of 400x600mm plate for sponge cake, and one piece of 14” plate for birthday cake. All plate are out of acrylic.
  • High bright blue display screen, operate positions and trouble shooting are displayed on the screen, simple and easy to handle.

0.37 Kw / 1 Phase / 220 Volt


900 x 1000 x 1420 mm


300 kg

Cake Size Square

600 x 600 mm

Cake Size Round

300 mm

Cake Height

0 – 100 mm

Air Compression

5 kgf/cm2

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