Bread Slicer SX 30

Bread Slicer SX 30

Bread Slicer

  • Stainless steel in all food contact areas.
  • Operation is easy to be done by only one person.
  • Small, easy and convenient for moving upon requirement.
  • Efficient, fast speed and silent.
  • Slicing thickness can be easily adjusted by handwheel.
  • The machine has hone itself, and it can be used for sharpen the blade.
  • With the safety cover.
  • The blade can be kept clean by the crumb scraper.
  • For safety, the motor is mounted with a brake, and the blade can stop immediately when the machine is turned off.
  • SX 30, Rear-loading slicer.
  • SF 21, Piece by piece slicer

Bread Slicer SX 30


0.23 Kw / 1 Phase / 220 Volt


493 x 730 x 380 mm

Slicing Thickness

4 – 35 mm


30 kg

Max. Bread Height

120 mm

Max. Bread Width

370 mm

Blade Diameter

∅ 195 x 2.7 mm

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