Spiral Mixer SPV 160A

Spiral Mixer SPV Products)

  • Mobile with permanently installed bowl.
  • For 24 kg, 40 kg, 80 kg, 120 kg, 160 kg dough.
  • Short kneading time due to large kneading area.
  • Easy to use.
  • Smooth surfaces, easy to clean.
  • Large power reserves, convincing quality assurance.
Performance in Dough

160 kg

Power in Flour

100 kg

Bowl Content

260 L

Bowl Diameter

840 mm

Bowl Height From the Ground

879 mm


960 x 1500 x 1470 mm

Engine Power Tool Drive

11/18.5 kw

Engine Power Bowl Drive

0.66/1.3 kw

Engine Power Hydraulic

1.1 kw

Weight Kneader With Bowl

1515 kg

Weight Bowl

195 kg

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