Gas Deck Oven JMC-90R

Oven gas deck Jim Mate JMC-90R ini dapat digunakan untuk memanggang berbagai macam jenis menu bakery. Mulai dari cookies, pastry, roti manis, roti tawar, kastengel dan lain sebagainya.

  • Artistic appearance, suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel, fresh baking shop to bake all kinds of products.
  • AII outside in stainless steel. Using intelligent dual display temperature control system, the temperature error is small, the failure rate is low.
  • 0ven door with high temperature door seal, to avoid the phenomenon of leakage, to enhance the oven insulation performance, the use of chain drive, to avoid the spring often break.
  • Each layer up and down of fire alone control, with a timer alarm function, simple operation.
  • Unique increased chamber design, baked products more uniform.
  • Lava stone and steam device are customized.
Number of Deck


Number of Trays (Deck)


Trays Size

400 x 600 mm


1760 x 900 x 1695mm



Electric Power Perdeck

0,3 kW

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