Manual Dough Divider SM-536

Dough Divider & Divider Rounder with Manual Dough Divider Type


Manual Dough Divider SM-536

  • Automatic dough divider for SM 636.
  • Manual dough divider for SM 536.
  • Semi-automatic divider rounder series for SM 330 / SM 936.
  • Fully automatic for SM 330A / SM 430A.
  • Save large working time and finish rounding 30 pieces just in about 8 seconds for SM 330A / SM 430A.
  • Round labout 6000 pcs per hour for SM 330A/SM 430A.
  • Divide dough evenly.
  • Perfect rounding for dough pieces.
  • Machine can be opened on both sides for easy cleaning of knives.
  • Easy adjusment for different dough weight.
Number of Division


Weight Range per Piece

30 -100 g



600 x 580 x 1780 mm


180 kg

Standard Attachment

Two dividng stainless steel plates

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